Monday, August 24, 2009

SF Zoo!

We went to the SF Zoo again. The weather was foggy and cold but it is always fun to go and see the animals. The Bean is at an age that she can see the animals and respond in a way that we can see. She didn't touch any of the animals in the petting zoo. She is a little dainty when it comes to animals and plants. I am not sure why. The new car seat and window tinting are a life saver. The Bean is much happier on short and longer drives, especially if her Momma is sitting next to her. We still struggle to get her to sit down though. We have to start slowly by letting her stand in it. She does a great job of playing peak-a-boo, with me in the front seat and she hiding herself behind her cow-moo-flouge chair. Then comes the Cheerio O's and the toys to distract her while she gets strapped in.

Pictures to follow soon.

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