Sunday, July 27, 2008

Legume in Utero

Today the Peanut and Monkey visited a 4D Ultra Sound company and got pictures and a movie of the little Legume in the womb. It was amazing to see what our baby will look like even before she is born. We learned she has long legs and is a "tall" baby. She likes to pull her legs to her face and the Radiology Doctor says she may be left handed because she moved that hand more than the other. The Placenta is in the back and this helped with getting clear photos of the Legume. This also helps with the weight the Peanut carries and causes less back pain. The Legume is in a good position in the womb, not breached. The pictures are in "color". This is not true color but makes the pictures look better than black and white. A new ultra sound machine is coming out in November of '09 that will supposedly show the true color of the baby's skin and hair. We may have to have another baby after that so we can try out the new technology. J/K.

The pictures clearly confirm that the Legume is a girl, 300% confirmed or so says the radiologist. Still no name for the Legume. But we have a lot of time before October 23rd.

The baby room is completed and ready. Blue ceiling with Brown walls.

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