Tuesday, November 20, 2007

stick in the mud

I had an interview yesterday and sat accross the table and drolled on and stuttered and did everything completely wrong... selling myself short by a long shot. I don't quite have the wit and carisma the Monkey has to be offered two great kick ass jobs at once.

My charm is more elusive than that. Kind of like the abolone...

Tomorrow we head out on a Turkey Trot Adventure... WE shall refer to it here as the TT&A. There will be a green bean caserole in attendance, along with some saucey cranberries, and some regular pimento stuffed olives to smash up with potatos.

I will be bringing along my bike for hopes to see the sites bi-pedal-ly... Sudoko may be on the agenda as well as a tri-fecta of allergy reducing meds. aaaa--chhoooo!

Allergy Riden Interviewee sans POP& Flaire!

I need a nap

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