Tuesday, November 13, 2007

P&M, Day in the Bay!

As the Monkey blogged below, we went on an adventure to the East Bay yesterday.

After the Monkey worked his IT magic on a job venture, we gallavanted off to the Jack London Square to see the sites and borrow a map from the Barnes and Nobles store...then navigated ourselves to some tzzz-asty indian food recommended by the bro-in-the-law.

I was ravenous and scarfed down a plate full of tasty curries and saucey delicousness... mopped up every last morsel with some Nann yumminess, and washed it all down with a mango lassi.

Then we were off to power house the ikea, pronounced like a hi-ya! by the two of us... we conquered the blue and yellow monolith of self serve swedish home design in about 2 and 1/2 hours... would have been less time, except we were in the do-it-yourself check out line. The Monkey said that you should be required to at least know how to operate a cell phone before getting in that line.

Then, after working up a thirst, we wound back around to oak-town to get ourselves some dollar oysters and beer, and to chat up Big Sister! We had a great time. Big Sister is the coolest sister ever, and now she is my sis-in-the-law... Yay! I win!

Then we went outside were there was a homeless person eating raw meat and we gave him our mac and cheese leftovers...

On the ride home, the Monkey was waxing poetic about zombies, and what-if's regarding our encounter with the homless man, should he have been a zombie...

Zombies are big with us at the moment.

Then we arrived home for a brand new episode of Hero, and a fun filled time traveling drama called the Journeyman...

once all the episodic t.v. watching was over, we lumbered up to bed to fall asleep, or lie awake, respectivley....

Yours in INsomNIA,

tHE peanut

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